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    Over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide everyday,

    creating 22,500 tons of waste from coffee grounds.


    Coffee waste costs businesses millions in disposal fees

    and harms our planet through associated methane emissions,

    one of the most potent greenhouse gases.


    As the coffee industry continues to boom,

    the environmental sustainability of the business has became a rising concern.


    What world do we want to leave for the generations to come?

    Are there any solutions for running a more eco-friendly yet lucrative business?

  • - ABOUT US -

    It all started with coffee grounds. Kafftec finds its mission in giving post consumer

    waste a second life through recycling and materials engineering.


    Kafftec helps enterprises with strong social responsibilities to identify unnecessary waste

    and potential pollution created within their business models. It offers affordable solutions

    to transform the waste into premium & high-performance recycled materials at scale.


    Kafftec aspires to help businesses achieve a circular economy through innovations

    in recycling and re-imagining materials.




    “Our vision is to renew the world and protect the future.”

    -- Lawrence Kang, CEO of Kafftec



    Kafftrak System allows us to track the date, quantity

    and location of the coffee grounds we collect. It makes

    the procedure of waste collecting and processing fully transparent to us, our clients and their customers,

    for better quality control and authenticity.

    UP TO 60%

    With a high concentration of coffee grounds, Kafftec materials replace the usage of petroleum-based materials

    by up to 60%. This process conserves natural sources

    and generates less non-biodegradable waste.



    Experimenting with different mixtures & formulas, Kafftec has created design-friendly materials with a variety of colors and finishes. The surface of products made out of

    Kafftec materials have a wooden texture and are unique

    to each piece.



    With the biomass fiber reforming technique, Kafftec materials are proven 100% tougher than plastic.

    Ready-to-use pellets are designed for industrial manufacturing and have a wide-ranging applications.


    Kafftec materials are SGS tested, a renowned third party technical services and meet the standards of FDA & RoHS Directive.


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  • - CONTACT US -

    Third Floor, Building A8, No. 200 Tianlin Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China